2020 Crop Insurance Deadlines

Crop Insurance Plan Comparison.pdf

February 15, 2020: ARP Production Reporting Deadline

       March 15, 2020: Sales Closing Deadline (Corn and Soybeans)
            All of the following must be signed and dated by March 15:
            Cancellations – applies to canceling a policy, crop, or county
            Transfers or new applications
            Changing a price or coverage level
            Adding/deleting a crop
            Adding/deleting a county
            High risk land exclusion
            Yield adjustment option

       April 29, 2020: Production Reporting Deadline
            All of the following must be signed and dated by April 29:
            2019 Harvested Production
            Adding new locations
            Deleting locations no longer in farming operation

Initial Plant Dates:        Corn 4/5/20– 4/10/20
                                                       Soybeans 4/20/20– 4/24/20

Final Planting Dates:    Corn 6/5/20
                                                        Soybeans 6/20/20
                                                        Hybrid Seed Corn 5/31/20

       Prevented Planting & Late Planting Dates: 
              Last day to file a prevented planting claim.
              Last day to plant and insure a crop.
                   Corn 6/30/20
   Soybeans 7/15/20
                   Wheat 5 days after final plant date

       July 1, 2020: Wheat Premiums are Due

       July 15, 2020: Acreage Reporting Deadline
                Report Planted Acres and Planting Dates*
                Report any Prevented Planting Acres
                         *Please have your FSA-578 Form and Maps at this time. 
                          The acres we report to Rain & Hail MUST match your 
                          FSA-578 Certified Acres. 

       August 15, 2020: Spring Premiums are Due

September 30, 2020:  
                Fall crop Sales Closing Deadline
                Unpaid wheat premium goes on uninsurable list

October 20, 2020: Wheat final plant deadline
(some southern 
                                          Indiana & Ohio counties Oct. 31st)

October 31, 2020: Spring Premiums Due without an interest charge
                                         Seed Corn: End of Insurance Date

       November 14, 2020: Wheat Production Reporting Deadline

       November 15, 2020: Wheat Acreage Reporting Deadline

Loss Notice Reporting Deadlines
                 Wheat October 31 
                 Hybrid Seed Corn November 15 
                 Corn and Soybeans December 10 
(within 15 days after unit is harvested)


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